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We've been able to help a lot of people over the years and so this page would go on and on so we've decided to highlight sampling of the projects we have worked on for your review.

Latest Projects

Warriors Wealth Path

Walking Out Your Destiny

Fire Fall Gatherings



The Walking Out Your Destiny - Logo

Tri-Vision Global - Logo

Sacred Warriors Boot Camp - Logo

Mission 777 - Logo

Sunshine Blue 360 - Logo

The KING's TABLE - Logo

The Atomic Minute - Logo

Fire Fall Gatherings Ministry - Logo

a picture of the earth with a bible and an eagle with the sun coming up form the right. surrounded by a gold ring and the letters in all caps ATKV

Advancing the Kingdom's Vision


Fire Fall Gatherings Banner

Sound Alignment

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham needed a banner for her website and a funnel system so we used this website banner to catch the eye of the visitor and inspire them to register out of curiosity.

28 Days to Freedom

As part of a franchise funnel system this banner was used in a variety of campaigns slightly changed to keep the branding colors consistent.

Mission 777 Banner

Mission 777 was launched to rally people behind a cause and movement marketing campaign.

The Atomic Minute

A Podcast for busy executive & entrepreneurs

Total Life Restoration

A campaign dedicated to restore all aspects of life using a community building campaign around health and fitness.

The Alcatraz Mind

This was the banner for the product release of Escaping The Alcatraz Mind as part of Tri-Vision Global's product offering

Tri-Vision Global, SSM

TVG had a back end membership portal that needed to be branded with the theme of realizing one's destiny.

Sacred Warriors Boot Camp

The Sacred Warriors Boot Camp was a digital marketing campaign designed to drive people to a live 3 day workshop


Excellence Quest International

Barbra needed a complete website over-hall to embrace the new responsiveness of today's mobile world and to help her sell her coaching, training, and consulting services as well as to be able to sell her books and CD's domestically and internationally. 

Sound Alignment 2.0

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham wanted to promote her new book release Sound Alignment 2.0 and was wanting to use a leadership promotional strategy where she asked influencers in her network to get behind promoting the book along with a back end membership site.

A Dwelling Place Ministries

Pastpr Lu Luthra wanted a website that he could share his teachings and do live webinar meetings and share the word of GOD and have a visually appealing site to communicate his vision of a Gateway in the heaven's where the angels ascended and descended.

Fire Fall Gatherings

Shawn Patrick needed to launch his ministry and had no technology background or web experience and needed a website to begin sharing the messages he had been studying for years from a few people over the phone and through zoom to a global audience. 

Courageous Heroes

Courageous Heroes is a emerging Web3.0 Website that is being built to launch an NFT project designed to empower those heroes who undergird our society and make it easier to equip them with a vehicle to learn and prosper beyond what their employer is capable of paying

Walking Out Your Destiny

Walking Out Your Destiny is the landing place for those who discover the podcasts and YouTube shows to learn more about the shows, subscribe to their newsletter and learn how they can learn to grow into the person they have been called to be.


28 Days to Freedom

Every Funnel that we build first begins on the drawing board. This is the complete digital marketing funnel system that was build for 28 Days to Freedom that did $15,000 in revenue with only 2 emails

Tri-Vision Global Website Funnel Map

When building out the Tri-Vision Global campaign we began with a gliffy diagram to map out the entire customer journey and where the direct-response-marketing-campaign would go.

Fire Fall Gatherings - Website Funnel Map

At Sunshine Blue 360 - we don't just build websites. We build complete funnel systems behind the website to capture traffic, nurture leads and cultivate relationships that grow into long term customers


Mission 777 Imagine

This was a video teaser in a series of three videos to inspire the user to get more information and sign up for the membership

Walking Out Your Destiny

This short little video introduces a new video/pod cast to inspire people to sign up for the new show.

Heaven's Dream Builders Academy

This video was used as a short promotional video to kick off a 5 day Facebook challenge

Mission 777 - The Problem

In this second video we highlight the problem going on in the world as a way to amplify the pain people are all experiencing in hopes that they will want to see the next and final video which reveals the solution.

21 Century Platform Video Sales Letter

This was a simple video sales letter for a digital marketing project that aims to sell a

Empower U Network

This was a promotional video done to promote the new EmpwoeringU.Netowrk for faith based individuals.

The Debt Healers ~ The Only Full Debt Settlement Solution

This was a quick video commercial shot to advertise a debit settlement company

America First NFT

This powerful video was created to inspire a specifically targeted group of individuals that were passionate about the patriot movement and NFT's 




The John 11:44 Challenge

This 5 Day Facebook Challenge was a complete campaign from Facebook marketing to landing page, upon registering their email was captured so that the email campaign could begin. Once they signed up they were taken to a small micro commitment up-sell offer. From there they went to an On-Boarding page where they could sign up for the Facebook Group. They then would get a follow up email campaign to nurture the relationship and remind them of the event and when we were going live.

The Heaven's Dream Builders Challenge

This 5 Day Challenge Funnel was designed to use a Facebook Marketing Campaign, that led them to this digital marketing campaign landing page. Once they signed up they were taken to a small micro commitment up-sell offer. From there they went to a simple questionnaire where we could filter out the tire kickers. After they filled it out they were redirected to another up-sell offer and then taken to the On-Boarding page. They then would get a follow up email campaign to nurture the relationship and remind them of the event and when we were going live.

Warriors Wealth Challenge

The Warriors Wealth Challenge is going to be a 5 5 Day Facebook Challenge that is presently being built out. It will have an on-boarding page to invite them to participate in the Facebook Group where they can then also get the opportunity to purchase the work book.

White Glove Fully Catered Bootcamps & Conferences

Kingdom Warriors NFT Bootcamp

The KWNFT Bootcamp was a white glove, fully catered immersive 3 day training event where participants stayed at a big mansion and filled in a real studio. From A to Z we handled everything from filming, editing, catering, course creation, brainstorming, vision boarding.

Pentecost Awakening

This three day event was a catered three day event filmed onsite with multiple speakers, break out sessions, and transportation service.

The Sacred Warriors Bootcamp

This 3 day fully immersive, completely catered event is an intensive training to equip business owners with the skills they need to grow their online impact

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Roger Gauthier

Head Project Lead - Sunshine Blue 360

With more than 18 years, of in the trenches online digital marketing experience, Roger shares the wisdom, tips and insights you need to grow your online business. He'll help you navigate the online digital marketing jungle and guide you to those vendors, software and service providers you can trust in his digital marketing news letter SB 360 Blueberry communique.

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