You Are About To Discover That Everything We Do Is About Helping You Steward The Dream You Have!

Meet Roger Gauthier - Director of All Things Digital 

Hey Roger here...well the semi-twitter version...I've dedicated my life to helping individuals and organizations successfully walk into their divine destines for more than 30 years. With this passion I was lead to create a digital marketing arm to serve the increasing demands of my friends, and clients, as they needed help to navigate the ever growing and increasingly complex digital world.  But something even more beautiful happened. Those clients that were led to us needed a deeper conversation to address their soul and heart so that their digital efforts were much more successful and not just temporary. And that is why I love doing what I do. I get to be used to help steward the lives, visions and destines of people into something that really matters.

How Our Story Has Unfolded For You...

KingdomDigital360 was birthed out of providing full stack digital service under the name Advancing The Kingdom Vision back in 2022.

We had been applying these service for our training, coaching and consulting comp but more and more people began to ask for our help as they saw us grow. It became clear that we needed to branch off a second arm so as to separate our services and not create confusion. So in 2022 we branched out and created Kingdom Digital360.

Digital Marketing Made Simple!
One Stop Shop For Everything Digital.
Your Dedicated Digital On Call Team
Focused On What's Important To You!
Saves You Time, Money & Heart Ache!

We chose the name Kingdom Digital because we liked the Blue Berries that fall under that name. They are tasty healthy, and really good for you with lots of good stuff in them.

The 360 represents the full stack digital agency, we do it all, thus 360 degrees.

We realized long ago that just putting up a website was not enough because there are so many other things that needed to be included which would affect how a website is created.

So our approach is to 1st identify what your objectives are, what do you desire to accomplish. Then we take a peak and evaluate what you presently have in place and have been doing up until now, followed by who your customers really are, what interests them, clarifying your brand, then develop an over arching strategy that when implemented achieves the overall goals you had in mind.

Our team is well versed in what is working today, and has their eye on the future of where things are going and what people are asking for. We live, eat, and breath full stack digital. This is our passion because  being able to reach the whole earth 24/7/365 simply by going online with your message...

..well there is nothing more amazing to see lives impacted and Dreams come true by helping someone with their vision

Meet The Team

Angela Strayer - Wonder Woman

As our Virtual Assistant, Angela is our backbone to make sure the back end things get done so that we show up well when we are front and center. Without her we would be buried in the weeds. She is truly a Wonder. She handles our emails, customer support issues, questions, works ceaselessly on our power point presentations and even jumps in and edits my horrible spelling. Her heart is that of a true servant.

Shayne Boodoo - Chief Solutions Officer

Shayne is out Solutions Guru. He handles our IT infrastructure, Makes sure all the website performance issues are quickly resolved, ensures all the software stays updated & is working and dives into web development infrastructure and all things IT. When things go down Shayne is the one we all look to. He's also in charge of our digital properties, security and privacy. Mess with the DPO and he''ll hunt you down like a bad bug.

Joshua Gauthier -
Video Special Effects Creator.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well video is like 10 million words. And putting together a good video requires more than just a good camera. You can have great quality but without the skill of editing all it is, is a home movie. Our Video Bosses Josh and Jens turn moving images into a compelling piece of art. Be it a promo video, sales video, testimonial video's you name it is in good hands when we turn it over to them

Ella Andrews - CPO

Ella serves as our Chief Prayer Officer (CPO) and helps  undergirds all our team, our families, our clients, our partners in prayer, encourages us, and shares her heart weekly on our Prayer channel as she unpacks what the LORD has placed on her heart. It is amazing.

Our Partners

Denise & WunFie Hayman-Loa

Denise serves as CEO of Connective the powerful community building software we help distribute. She has over 34 years of business strategy, entrepreneurship, client facing and management experience in technology and financial services. She has brought the company from a small beta platform to a fully developed solution garnering multiple awards, clients and team members. Her Husband WunFie is the CTO and bends over backwards to make sure the technology works.

Eric Skeldon

Eric serves as the CEO of Eternal Realities LLC & KingdomWarriorNFT. He leads a team of mission driven visionaries and futurists that work on the cutting edge to combine advancement in tech and interconnectedness with the best of multimedia entertainment, all while solving major industry problems. Just like the internet in the 90s, blockchain technology has the ability to revolutionize our lives on a fundamental level so they specialize in delivering a Multimedia AAA NFT P2E Game, Music, Community Experience.

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham

Dr. Cheryl-Ann is an incredible gift to us as well. I think every organization needs to have a prophetic advisor to help hone your ability to hear the wisdom of GOD. When for whatever reason things are just not clear Dr. Neeham helps bring clarity. She has been a strategic advisor for more than 20 years, she's a thought leader, speaker and author. She and her husband founded Steward Now!, a ministry that equips leaders of business and ministry around the world. She provides target clarity to leaders with big visions and decision-making certainty to leaders at cross roads in executing their dreams. She is also a frequent speaker, trainer, and guest on television and radio.

Taking Applications Now

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We're pretty selective as to who we'll work with because we want to make sure that everyone wins and to do so we want to make sure our clients have the necessary resources and the personal development to execute on the necessary task. Fill Out Our Application and I'll personally review it and get back with you for further questions if we resonate together.

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As entrepreneurs and business owners it's not un common to have to many projects going at once. We want to help you on the one that is most vital so you can move forward more quickly.

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