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We take your interest as a very sacred responsibility to help you achieve your vision. So we want to ensure your time is invested well. Below are a few steps to ensure we can serve you with excellence and make sure that this is the correct steps for you at this time.

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Once your done with your questionnaire at the end you will see a thank you message along with a link to our calendar. Please take a moment to read the quote by Steve Jobs and then schedule a time to have your Free Digital Assessment. We won't schedule a meeting without an application so please fill it out.

Put It In Your Calendar

Once you schedule your digital assessment make sure you put it into your own calendar so you remember.

Meet Your Experts

Roger Gauthier

Executive Director ~ SB360

Shayne Boodoo

Director and Chief Technologist ~ SB360

Angela Strayer

CVA ~ SB360

Denise Hayman-Loa

CEO ~ Connective

Got A Question?

If our FAQ's don't answer your question than feel free to jump into our Telegram Channel and ask your questions there, or you can text us via (904) 887-6836 or email us at

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