21 Century Platform

Taking Your Business and Mission into the 21-Century

New Technology Platform Enables Early Adopters To Thrive In Unprecedented Business Climate

Today's businesses and  Influencers need more than just a website, contact form, blog or funnel. They need a fully immersive and holistic community platform  "Ecosystem" that is private & secure, inspires their patrons & followers to want to come back and stay for a while, while also rewarding them for participating.

Powerful Engagement Tools
Consolidate Communications
Significantly Increase Revenue

The 21 Century Platform Is Your Digital Fortress
To Thrive In These Challenging & Hostile Times

Now you can create a culture and brand that you control with data you own to engage your patrons and followers, streamline communications, rally movements and generate revenue while maintaining privacy without worrying about being de-platformed, censored, or shut down.

Create Movements

Movements of change, be they local, national, or global require effective communication, tools to empower, and revenue to sustain the movement.

Engage Patrons

Today's patrons & followers want to connect & engage in a more meaningful way to the brands and causes they love

Reward Activity

New token based reward systems engages patrons longer and drives the behaviors you want to reward.

Increase Sales

Keeping patrons, followers, and members engaged and focused fosters an increase in transactions while they are focused on your movement and not others.

Better engage, Support, & Enroll Patrons & Members To Increase Sales & Maximize Repeat Business

The better you can attract the focus of your patrons and support them in meaningful ways, the more likely you are to develop likeability, trust, and earn their loyalty again and again.

Today's businesses and influencers need a more powerful way to engage, support and protect their patrons, followers, and members.

The days of websites, blog posts, contact forms, and multiple barely monitored social media accounts mimicking community platforms are just not sufficient nor efficient enough to create organic conversation, and a holistic form of meaningful engagement that today's savvy followers are looking for with the brands that they love.

And to maintain their loyalty you need to be able to quickly identify their needs and expectations as they rapidly evolve. If you want to keep up, you'll need to think ahead by using more heart centered and patron-centric community management approaches.

Plus you'll also need a powerful way to protect, control and direct the attention of your members from the noise in the market place while keeping your members engaged long term.

Our 21st Century Platform has the answer!

Streamline & consolidate Digital communications Saving You Time & Money, While Increasing privacy, connectivity, efficiency and control.

Digital communications are fragmented across multiple tools (social, video, messaging, scheduling, projects) and lack privacy - limiting connectivity, efficiency and control.

And This Means...

  • Inefficiencies caused by using multiple tools with fluctuating outlays, and lack of integration
  • Community management & engagements are one way and limited by algorithms
  • Big Industry Platforms don’t allow you to own your members experience or data
  • Lack of security and privacy are major concerns
  • Organizations can’t monetize content to their communities

The 21 Century Platform Is An Holistic IT Solution That Solves These Challenges

The 21 Century Platform consolidates multiple tools, enables you to control the experience you want your patrons, followers, and members to have, and allows you to privately secure and own your data, brand and relationships, all of which will create network value for all stakeholders, and generate revenue for your organization. An ROI that puts time back in your pocket so you can focus on your mission. 


Quickly create a website with pre-built template to get you started or custom website with user sign-on and onboarding.


Take your mission to new heights generating revenue through advertising, fundraising, memberships, and marketplace. 


What Makes This Platform So Great!

Social Media

The internal  social network platform function replaces Twitter, Linked in, and Facebook so you can share valuable content without your members being distracted.

Media Hub

Store all your media content in an organized and searchable interface that can't be de-platformed, censored or quieted.


Communicate rapidly and in multiple ways with all your users using Social Posts, Multi-channel Chats, Q&A Forums and Full featured Video-Conferencing.

Events & Meetings

Plan free, or paid events using the Meeting Scheduler for one-time, or on going events with all the tools for a great event including Live streaming.

Plus Much Much More!

you may be asking...

How Can We Do All This?

The 21 Century Utilizes Powerful Partnerships...

Clients Love The Platform Because
It is So Powerful & Flexible to Use...

"This platform enables our insurance advisors and clients to have enhanced interactions, share information, and form trusted teams in a secure yet flexible environment," he said. "while is a digital platform, yet it enables the very human interactions at the core of our business."

Rusty Iodice ~

Founder of Continuity Ventures, LLC

“No other enterprise community social networking platform is as comprehensive and flexible as this Platform… It offers organizations more robust features for their social network than any other platform”

 J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D.

Principal Analyst at Mobilocity, LLC

“The platform enables all members of the ecosystem to derive benefit from their interactions in a trusted way” “Our business members benefit by reaching their core demographic and adding value to them, and our nonprofit members gain value from the businesses, experts and other nonprofits on the platform.”

Asif Talukdar

CEO of goodLinc

You Can Also Accelerate Your Growth With The 21 Century Private Cloud Services

Private Cloud Computing

High performance private cloud and Virtual Desktop (VDI) computing where your data is your data and not ours.  Your data is never sold, analyzed or shared, it is always secured and encrypted for your protection.  Your Data will only reside in a Privately owned US based data-centers with 24/7/365 Live Responsive support.

Private Cloud Telephony

Secure private cloud telephony were your conversations are never recorded or monitored by anyone.  We provide an all in one high productivity platform that combines telephony, voicemail, video conferencing, chat, document sharing, text notifications, and a secure mobile app with 24/7/365 Live Responsive support.

Private Cloud WordPress Hosting

In today's uncertain and unstable times, you need to build a digital fortress that can protect against the likelihood of hackers, and other nefarious online attackers seeking to prevent your success. Our private Cloud WordPress hosting better fortifies your digital fortress so you can increase peace of mind, focus on mission success, while saving time & money.

The More Secure, More Performant, Private Cloud Computing For
Today's Business

The business paradigm is shifting to the cloud.  Fading are the days of an onsite server closet or data-center with the overhead of cooling, power, storage, onsite/offsite backup, asset life-cycles with overworked IT staff providing operational stability, support, and disaster recovery.  This turnkey or customized private cloud computing platform is designed to transform how your IT is delivered while giving you the ROI you expect with a flat rate cost model which will mitigate budgetary surprises and business risks with the peace of mind of business continuity.

Now you can have more peace of mind with consistent monthly outlays.

All elements of infrastructure can be privately hosted, such as desktops, servers, and switches in the cloud while providing backup, security, maintenance and support. We test your security posture weekly to make sure your data is always protected and safe from daily threats. 

The mission is to deliver faster, more secure, cost effective private compute where your data is your data, not ours and viewed only by you, so you can focus on your mission and bring value to your patrons, followers, and or members. We call it 21st Century Holistic IT, we take care of your IT, so you can focus on what's important for your mission.  Of course all this comes with live responsive expert support 24/7/365.

Cloud in-Touch™ Cloud
Telephony For Business

Private Cloud Telephony that provides Your Team with a More Secure Immersive Experience with On-Demand Video Conferencing, Chat, Document Sharing, Mobility and Productivity Tracking.

Your communication platform should be private & secure! No other entity, other than you, should have the rights to record or listen to your private conversations. This private cloud telephony provides a highly immersive communication platform that provides telephone system, conference rooms, voicemail, video conferencing, chat, document sharing, mobile app, and productivity tracking with unlimited use for one fixed price per month. Taking your business communications to the next level and boosting your productivity.

Private Cloud WordPress Hosting

Reduce hacking and de-platforming
with our Private WordPress Hosting.

Today's digital environment has become more vulnerable with the rise in digital hacking. Cyber-attacks have become so rampant that it’s impossible to nail down the numbers. Some stats reveal hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day.

IBM’s chairman, president and CEO said "Cyber crime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.” 

A 2019 report found that security breaches had increased by 67% over the last five years. On average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day. (Source: Forbes)

The FBI reported a 300% increase in the number of cyber-crimes, from about 1,000 cases to between 3,000 and 4,000 cases each day. (Source: The Hill)

Add in the rise of content censoring, de-platforming, and de-monetizing, it becomes imperative to de-couple and safeguard your brand on a delivery platform you control; essentially, building your digital fortress.

Your 24/7/365 Live Support.

Responsive, Flexible Support For Any Organization.

Keeping yourself up and running is critical in today's rapidly changing and hostile environment but many organizations don't have the budget to have full time IT staff. And the last thing you need is to be pulled out of your primary role of doing what you do best. So don't waist both time and money trying to do everything yourself. If you are going to grow to your full vision you've got to delegate. Our "Pay as You Go" hourly support, or "Proactive, Premium" support is designed to keep your IT operating at its best. Available for all Private Cloud Computing, & Telephony.

Now you can create a fortress for your business that will thrive in any environment.

The 21-C Platform empowers You With Powerful Benefits So You Can Fortify Your Digital Fortress!

Now you can fortify your digital presence and keep your voice.

Save time and money using one digital platform
Eliminate multiple tools and costs
Rapidly communicate to one or multiple people and communities with a single selection.
Increase Patron/Team engagement with game dynamics to incentivize and reward member participation.
Gauge customer satisfaction
Identify customer advocates
Raise capital for the causes that matter most.
Share your voice without being  censored or shut down!
Native mobile app so users can interact with their community on the go.
Better engage with the community, drive loyalty, grow sales and improve their experience
Create your own company culture and shut out the distractions to laser the focus of your patrons and team members for increased productivity and income.
Grow your existing relationships and build new ones – through a branded, interactive platform where people find answers, develop expertise, share experiences, and build a brand 
Collect feedback, provide support and increase satisfaction and loyalty
Better empower your tribes and patrons with event and project management tools.
 Create engaging events both paid and free!   
 Significantly Increase sales and repeat customers   

Discover The Power of the
21 Century Platform...
For Yourself

Now you can create a culture, and environment that you control
and own to achieve whatever your goals and objectives may be.

Here's A Few Others Using The Platform

Our amazing community are loving our platform...

How We Stand Up Against The Competition

Here's just a small comparison...

Chose The Package That Makes Sense
For Your Budget & Needs

Unleash the power of advanced eco-systems
to set you apart from the competition

Tired of your voice being censored, quieted and shut down? Look into our Baron Package & make the leap into the 21st Century of community building platforms so you can build your tribe without fear of being de-platformed!

Platform Activation
Social Media Strategy
1 hr personal training

If you are busy ruling your present estate & you need more help to expand your domain consider our Earl Migration Package.

Community Platform Activation
Platform Set Up!
Social Media Strategy & Deployment.
Video Migration & Back up

If you have a large digital footprint that you want to protect it would be wise to acquire the Duke Migration Package .

Community Platform Activation
Platform Set Up!
Social Media Strategy & Deployment.
Video Migration & Back up
Private Secure Hosting
WordPress Website Migration Service

Your kingdom is growing & the enemy has taken notice. It's time to fortify your kingdom with our most featured 21st Century Community Platform and Holistic IT before you are shut down!

Community Platform Activation
Platform Set Up!
Patron Migration Strategy & Deployment!
Social Media Strategy & Deployment.
Video Migration & Back up
Private Secure Hosting
WordPress Website Migration Service
Alternative Social Media Set Up!

If you need something more customized or tailor made to your specific needs and requirements then go for the à la carte option that the enterprise version can provide.

Community Platform Activation
Community Platform Set Up!
Patron Migration Strategy & Deployment!
Social Media Strategy & Deployment.
Video Migration & Back up
Private Secure Hosting
WordPress Website Migration Service
Alternative Social Media Set Up!
Custom URL!
Custom Internal Build!

à la carte/Enterprise

Is This Right For You?

The 21 Century Platform is ideal for anyone that has a tribe or community of
users, members, clients, and internal staff that you desire to empower.


If you are a mover and shaker that creates content and puts action to ideas and build a community around your content and courses the 21-Century Platform is a powerful vehicle to make your dent in the universe!


Teachers, Trainers and instructors that have a large gathering of students, or members, that want to create an environment for focused learning and to be able to keep your peeps engaged will love what the 21 Century Platform can do.

Ministries/ Churches

It today's world with all the distractions and noise is more important than ever to create a place you can cultivate and grow one's faith where there is no fear of persecution or being shut down and censored. The 21 Century Platform is your modern day digital arc.


A coach needs a place that can keep you team focused, plugged in & engaged while being able to consistently deliver your coaching, provide their resources easily & quickly, and give them the support they need to become world class. The 21 Century Platform is your locker room .

Knowledge Brokers

As a knowledge broker or educational marketer, you end up relying on multiple tools to deliver your content and you need a way to keep your tribe engaged and wanting more. The 21 Century Platform is your virtual class room to deliver your content and let your student collaborate around content.


As an Influencer your voice carries weight & depending on your message  it can be censored or quieted in today's environment. Our 21 Century Community Platform is the perfect place to ensure your message is heard, and that your environment focuses your members for their best results. It allows you to to have more control and influence over your tribe and your content

Network Marketers

Do you have a large tribe of people who are eager learn how to grow their business, and develop personally? Our 21 Century Community Platform is the perfect incubator to train, encourage, and support your organization around the messaging you want to ensure is imparted into the team


Unsure if this platform is for you, or if you could use the power of the 21 Century Community Platform for your organizational needs, Schedule A FREE Digital Assessment  Today!

Curious About Our Pricing Plans

Our 21 Century platform is customized to your unique mission so our pricing plans are customized to reflect and support your objectives and mission as well. We want to do what makes sense for your needs & budget while ensuring we have the resources to be able to provide the outstanding service and support that your vision requires and that you expect. So schedule a FREE Digital Assessment today to get a demo and discover how the 21 Century Platform can help you make your dent in the Universe.

21 Century Guarantee

It's our deepest desire to help you make the dent in the universe you desire and to ensure you can keep your voice heard and out in the world as long as possible.

Our mission & 21 Century Guarantee is to empower and strengthen your voice by getting you positioned in the 21 century as strong as possible with your budget and to mitigate the challenges and obstacles of today's hectic world so you can focus on your people and tribe.

We do this by working with you as a vested partner to ensure you have platform that will deliver your message and secure your tribe..., schedule your free FREE digital assessment and demo today.

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Other Businesses That
Embrace The Platform



While we can't answer every question possible these are some of our most frequently asked questions.

How easy is it to implement?

Implementation can be either done for you, with our Do It For You Service, or you can learn to get things going on your own. It will depend on your budget, how much time you have and how big your present footprint is. We recommend aiming for a 90 day implementation plan but it can be done more quickly if need be.

How does the posting system work?

Post News and ask questions of the community which appear in a consolidated feed. Each post can have extensive content, embedded links and multiple attachments (images, documents, videos), viewed in a horizontal carousel. Posts can be private or public and shared with multiple communities and affiliates at one time. All users only see posts for the communities they are in, reducing noise. And comments are consolidated across communities! Email notifications can be sent, posts can be scheduled and public posts can be shared out to social media. And importantly, deleting a post deletes it from everywhere!

Can Communities be public, semi-private or ultra-private and connected to create Ecosystems?

Yes all those options are available and there is a visual drag and drop eco-system functionality to quickly connect to eachother

Can I have paid & free meetings?

Yes you can invite members from multiple communities and external participants to meetings & events, chats and online sessions. Functionality includes time zones, locations, attachments, a guest list and RSVP email notifications. Events can be free or paid and will show on the community calendar. Video conferencing can be scheduled with integrated Jitsi or Big Blue Button tools, or with a Zoom link.

Can you targeted for specific advertising?

Yes with multiple capabilities for advertising by community, a demographic can be targeted for specific advertising. Sponsors can have their own presence on the platform, with their own paid communities that members can join. Provides value for reaching the membership audience by being imbedded in the eco-system for native advertising.

Can we have multiple levels of membership?

Flexibly set-up multiple levels of memberships depending on your model – Free, Single Level, Multi-Level such as Teams, Students, Corporate. Memberships can be monthly or annual and can also be free for a trial period. Features can be turned on or off by member level. New member levels and pricing can be created easily by admins.

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