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Maximizing Digital Impact: Strategy, Funnels, and SEO-Driven Success

Begin your journey to digital marketing mastery with Kingdom Digital 360, where every campaign is grounded in a robust strategy tailored for the internet's dynamic landscape. Our approach starts with comprehensive SEO research and keyword planning, ensuring your initiatives stand on a foundation designed for visibility and engagement. Beyond the basics, we refine your digital marketing strategy by identifying your target audience and tailoring website objectives to meet their needs, employing the optimal sales funnel to guide them towards conversion.

Dive deeper into the art of conversion with our meticulously crafted automated sales funnels, featuring a suite of components engineered for success. From SEO-optimized websites that capture attention, compelling lead magnets that entice, dynamic sales pages that adapt to user behavior, to seamlessly optimized checkout processes and strategic upsell opportunities. Each element is designed to enhance user experience and maximize conversion rates.

But the journey doesn't end at conversion. Our services extend to crafting the perfect thank you pages, defining ideal customer avatars for targeted referrals, setting up engaging onboarding experiences, and establishing supportive systems that nurture ongoing participation. With [Your Company Name], transform your digital marketing efforts into a cohesive system that not only builds your brand but also fosters a community of loyal customers and advocates.

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your digital marketing strategy, leveraging our expertise in SEO, sales funnels, and beyond to create a powerful online presence that drives growth and engagement.

This optimized section focuses on the importance of a strategic foundation incorporating SEO, targeted audience identification, and a comprehensive sales funnel as keys to digital marketing success. It introduces long-tail keywords like "comprehensive SEO research," "automated sales funnel," and "SEO-optimized website," aimed at attracting users looking for an in-depth, strategy-driven approach to digital marketing.

Engage, Inspire, and Convert: Premier Video Storytelling and Production Services

In today's digital landscape, leveraging the unparalleled power of video storytelling is crucial for creating lasting impact. A well-crafted video is more than just visual content; it's an immersive experience that can convey your message with the emotional depth and clarity unmatched by traditional media. At [Your Company Name], we specialize in bespoke video production services, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

Whether you're looking for short promotional videos to elevate your brand presence, engaging commercials to captivate your target audience, or even full-scale movie production capabilities, our expert video teams are equipped to bring your vision to life. Our services encompass the entire production process, from initial consultation and conceptualization to the final stages of distribution, ensuring that your story reaches and resonates with viewers around the globe.

With a focus on crafting compelling narratives that inspire action and drive results, [Your Company Name] is your partner in transforming your ideas into cinematic masterpieces. Discover how our full range of cinematic services can help you make a memorable mark on the digital world.

Professional video production team setting up cinematic shoot with director, actors, and high-quality equipment, illustrating the creative storytelling process from concept to completion for engaging and converting audiences
Futuristic digital marketing command center with team planning campaigns across multiple channels like social media, email, SEO, PPC, and affiliate marketing, symbolizing comprehensive multi-channel strategy execution.

Digital Marketing Execution: Mastering Multi-Channel Strategies for Maximum Impact

After meticulously crafting your digital marketing strategy, defining your target audience, honing in on what resonates with them, and developing a compelling narrative through your marketing funnel, the next step is dynamic execution. [Your Company Name] specializes in deploying an integrated, multi-channel approach to ensure your brand's message not only reaches but also profoundly engages your audience across every touchpoint.

Our expertise spans across organic SEO strategies, viral video marketing campaigns, targeted email marketing, strategic social media marketing (SMM), effective affiliate and partnership marketing, cost-efficient pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, direct response marketing, and traditional print media. The breadth and depth of our services are designed to cater to the unique needs of your campaign, ensuring optimal reach and visibility within your niche market.

The velocity and extent of your campaign's impact are flexibly scaled to match your budget, guaranteeing the most efficient allocation of resources for maximum return on investment (ROI). Partner with [Your Company Name] to transform your digital marketing execution into a powerful conduit for growth and engagement in your sector.

Empowering Your Vision with Excellence: 

Drive & Focus

Empowering Your Vision with Excellence: Our Drive & Focus Commitment"

At Kingdom Digital 360, we understand the profound impact your vision holds for the future and its significance to upcoming generations. We embrace the privilege of collaborating with you, treating your vision with the utmost respect and dedication it deserves. Our commitment extends beyond mere service; we view it as a sacred trust, a partnership where we steward your vision with honor, integrity, and a keen sense of responsibility.

Our approach is grounded in delivering your projects to the marketplace with dignity and excellence, ensuring our services are not only of the highest quality but also accessible through fair and reasonable investment. This balance allows us to empower your endeavors while enabling us to perform at our best.

The drive and focus we bring to every project are unparalleled, underpinning our promise to execute your digital initiatives flawlessly. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction with every aspect of our collaboration.

With Kingdom Digital 360, you gain a dedicated partner committed to realizing your vision through these five key elements of service excellence:

Honoring Your Vision with Integrity and Respect.
Stewarding Your Project with Dedication and Responsibility
Delivering Excellence through Unwavering Drive and Focus
Use what is working today, not last years strategies!
Ensuring Your Peace of Mind through Meticulous Execution


Explore & Discover

Digital Marketing is growing more complex and sophisticated, especially with the advancement of AI, Artificial intelligence, now taking over much of the playing field. However people still want to engage with a real human being so they can feel confident their needs can be properly served by someone they trust, and who truly cares about them. That means your marketing efforts must include strategies that can better customize the user experience, enable engagement, and create a seamless, hassle free experience. Our mission here at Sunshine Blue 360 is to help you do just that. So take a moment to Explore the Phase services we provide and Discover how we can help you in growing your business.

Phase I - Research

Every project begins with a brain dump to help us understand your vision, mission, project, user stories, needs and research the necessary data points so that we can then move into Phase II

Full Scan Brain Dump
Digital Footprint Analysis
Idea Viability / Audience Awareness / Audience Targeting
Key Word Analysis & Deep Dive Discovery
Competitive SWOT Analysis

Phase II - Strategy & Planning

After a thorough analysis we can now begin to develop the strategy that will enable you to stand out above the crowd and be heard in a hyper busy world. That strategy is unique to you that includes planning a unique creative approach from branding, to funnels to video's to email campaigns, social media campaigns, Pay Per click (PPC), or Challenges or Product Launches it all becomes part of the strategy and the planning phase.

Marketing Strategy (Social Media, SEO, Funnels, PLF's, PPC...)
Branding Board  
Key Word Selection - Short & Long
Funnel Mapping
Image Selections
Content Deliverables for Website, Blog, Social Media
Time lines & Deliverables.

Phase III - Building

In Phase III of your digital project we now begin to build everything needed to accomplish the objectives from phase II. Depending on where you are in your digital journey we can take you from ground zero with hosting & website, to tweaking an already established online presence to building and installing custom software.

Domain Name | Hosting | DNS Pointing | Website Set Up & Build
Dynamic Behavioral Response Funnel Builds
(email, product, service, challenges, PLF...)
Software integration (e-commerce, Opt-in, Check outs, project management, MLM...)
Content Creation & distribution calendar (Written, Video, Audio)
Direct Response Copy-writing

Phase IV - Traffic

Once all phases of building have been completed it's now time to launch your online advertising strategy.

Social Media Posting ( Written & Live-Streams)
Online Group Participation
Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC - Google, Yahoo, YouTbue, Twitter...
Joint Venture Partnerships
Viral Video's & Email Marketing
Traditional Media (TV & Radio, News Papper, Magazines)
Direct Mail Campaigns .

Phase V - Reporting

Now as everything is getting set up and begins to run you'll want to track your online / digital marketing key  performance indicators (KPI's) to make sure you are tracking your online results so you know where to tweak your digital marketing efforts for optimal performance.

KPI Dashboard Identified & Accounts Set Up
KPI Dashboard Set-Up & Configuration
Establish & Schedule a KPI Performance Review
Rinse & Repeat - Tweak & Iterate

A Little About Us...Our Story

Kingdom Digital 360 was birthed out of a labor of service to others. Many of my friends saw what we were doing with our organization Tri-Vision Global in the early pioneer days of online marketing (2003) and asked me to help them. Eventually our clients grew and we ended up building the digital marketing division for 13 separate companies. It was overwhelming to say the least and we had to break apart our personal development coaching, and training company and create a separate division to handle all the tasks of online digital marketing from Website creation, funnel set up, email writing campaigns, direct response sales copy, video production, search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, social media marketing back in the days when Twitter began, (2006), joint venture partnerships, webinars & evergreen webinars, and now challenges. Eventually I had a partial break down and had to close up shop for a season as I re-evaluated how we were to move ahead

When the whole Pandemic thing hit us in 2021 it became clear that digital marketing was going to be desperately needed in order for businesses to thrive. So my little hand picked team opened the doors again and began offering online conferencing set up, and community building software.


Pick & Chose

Many times our clients only need one aspect of their online strategy built for them. Below is a small sampling of some of the
ala cart menu choice we make available as part of our online / digital marketing services for you to pick & chose from.

Wise Webinar Strategy & Set Up

Webinars are used for most of today's online strategies from Challenges, Product Launches, and Coaching & Training. Our wise webinar will show you what software to use to make your webinars seamless, how to properly do your webinars and then show you how to turn them into an evergreen (24/7/365) presentation and finally how to repurpose your content to maximize your reach.

Broadcasting Studio Set Up
Live Video Broadcasting
Podcasting Transformation
Structure & Formatting (For Maximum retention & participation).
Making It Evergreen

Fantastic Funnel Strategy & Set-Up

Funnels are a wonderful thing. The wonderful thing about funnels is that there are so many different types of funnels each designed to capture and engage the patron to a desired outcome. They include: Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Up-sell Pages, Cross Sell, Welcome pages, On-boarding Pages, White Listing pages, Thank-You pages, webinar & more) We even build Jeff Walker - Product Launch Formula. 

Identify Funnel Objectives
Determine Funnel Traffic
Build the Fantastic Funnel
Launch & Iterate

Software Development, Installation, Set-up & Training

Many businesses, particularly online, fail to grow because they neglect the value of the proper systems, software and structures they need to manage their growth. It could be a project management software, community building platform, CRM system, Smart Auto-responder, Affiliate system, shopping cart, Opt-in software, MLM software, or even an mobile app.  We build or install applications and software solutions that enable businesses to focus less on busywork and more on growth.

Web Applications
Online Portals & Tools
Custom Software
3rd Party Integrations

Customer-centric approaches

Building a site is not necessarily about building a site you like, but rather creating a digital platform that your customers, clients and members like and that create a positive experience they want to come back to again and again

Evergreen Strategies

With the capabilities of technology we can build your digital footprint so that is serves as an evergreen presentation machine capable of attracting, engaging and inspiring your visitors to take the next step with you and your business. 

Peace of Mind

In today's hostile, chaotic and unstable world it is imperative you build your platforms where they cannot be censored or shut down. Our approach to the digital world is centered around the idea of preservation and longevity. By ensuring we use domain names, servers, fiber optics and software that is most suited to ensure your online presence stays online, you can have peace of mind that your message and vision can and will prosper.


Marketing is the art of connecting with an individual and helping them see that your product or service will help them achieve what they really want. An encounter with Heaven & A better more enjoyable life!


Us & You

When you engage Kingdom Digital 360, you are engaging with us in what we like to consider a covenant. We take this relationship seriously because we understand that we are partnering with you to help you steward your vision to impact your world of influence and we want to use all of our resources to ensure you succeed. And in turn we expect you to bring your best to the table. 

Eye to Eye

We beleive that everyone is created by God and that we are not strangers but just brothers and sisters we have not met yet. So we treat our relationship in such a way that we communicate to one another as a friend, eye to eye, openly and clearly so that there is no confusion and we are all on the same page.

An Exchange

When people come together there is an exchange of thought, emotion, and energy that ocures. You have visions, ideas of what you desire and passions and we have the understanding of how to bring that vision to life and out to your world. Our desire and hope is to make this exchange as like two sounds coming together. When in sync they resonate and amplify that sound. So our desire is to make is as seamless as possible for you. So we will operate with the utmost professionalism, respect and excellence for you, and ask that you bring your best self to the table as well so that we can minimize any potential friction and interference.

Abundant Life

Life abounds fully when all the necessary ingredients are available and distributed in the right quantities, and all the potential weeds and noxious critters that hamper growth are removed. Our goal is to empower you to make the biggest impact with your life and vision so that the world abounds with the life you bring. And so we just ask that you give us permission to be a good gardener and speak into any area that may hinder you from seeing that vision come to pass.

So if you are willing to agree to those conditions then please consider taking the next step with us and sign up for a complimentary digital assessment today.

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Digital Assessment Today

We understand that your vision and objectives are both important and sacred to you. As some say, "Your baby". And so it's natural to want to make sure you are partnering with a team that you can trust and that can do what they say. And at the same time we also want to make sure that we are partnering with those we can truly help and have the capacity to execute on what we build. So what we do is extend an opportunity for us to meet and get to know one another through our Digital Assessment so that you can taste and see that we are good, and likewise we can assess best if and how to help you. So sign up today for your complimentary Digital Assessment and see if partnering makes sense.

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